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Funk Overload

Funk Overload


Funk Overload has an objective-based, ‘rush-to-6’ style which focuses on high single-target lockdown and burst, typically relying on their top lane for AoE damage, and drawing much of their AoE or long-ranged CC from bot lane. They are known for their odd picks in all lanes, with each of them maining champions who were considered troll picks not long ago (and some of whom still are). They drew considerable inspiration from Cloud 9, Gambit Gaming, and KT Rolster Bullets in 2013. They are currently in the process of re-forming for the 2015 Season, and are seeking subs. Are you a Diamond player looking to bring the funk? If so, add Gentleman Gustaf in game.



Dünkmaster prefers beefy, teamfight oriented tops, although he will take up the split-pushing role on champions like Shen when need be. He is known for his Rumble in Solo Queue, drawing requests in Champion Select. Many are the junglers and tops who have learned not to dive Dünkmaster , as he seems to perform best in high-pressure situations under tower. His focus is largely on AoE damage and zoning potential, allowing for the rest of his team to focus on single-target burst and pick potential.


Gentleman Gustaf is an herbivore jungler who likes to surprise opponents with early aggression and objective control. His Skarner is ranked among the best in North America, and his Nasus was fundamental in the inception of Funk Overload’s reactive, objective-oriented style. He is known for running very unusual junglers, as well as mastery/rune pages, and considers inventiveness and awareness to be his key strengths. His favorite player is Meteos, to whom he credits his jungle style.


Banjo Nuts is synonymous with aggression, and has a flair for pulling off dramatic plays. His high-octane, aggressive style has led to the nickname “Fabbbyyy 2.0”, but in contrast to Funk Overload’s reactive style, banjo often provides just the spark that the team needs to turn a game around. He focuses on single-target burst champions who can outplay mid laners in 1v1 situations, although the obvious synergy between him and Gustaf doesn’t exactly make for a level playing field.



Wuigi is the pure talent of Funk Overload. He is the most versatile player on the team,  having played jungle, adc, mid, and support for various teams including team “y so” and “Next Level Gaming”. Currently, he resides in bot lane, where his mechanics make him a dominant laner who can be left alone safely for long periods of time. His champion versatility, including unusual ADCs like Varus and Ashe, allows for the rest of the team to build compositions around their unusual champ pools


Thesandyone is the newest addition to Funk Overload, but he has quickly established himself with big plays. He gets a lot of mileage out of roaming to mid and even top, and specializes in playmaking supports. His exact spot in Funk Overload has yet to be determined, but the synergy between him and wuigi immediately established him as their support.

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