Black by Popular Demand – Activist by Choice


Thank you to everybody who reviewed all aspects of this project while I was working out the details, not limited to but including:

Su Liu – for spearheading the whole project and giving constant advice, as well as filming some of my work.
Ian Lunger – for his excellent camera work in my pitch video.
Alex Smith – for fantastic lighting in my pitch video
Jason Leonard – for pre-release review.
Frisbee Mike – for pre-release review.
Ian Flower – for pre-release review.
All pitch video actors – for dealing with all the snags of production just for waffles.
Funk Overload – for not complaining when I missed practice for filming!

Thanks as well to everybody who has backed, supported, or sponsored this project:

Game Analysts

Anita LaFontaine


Matt Venzke

Article Consultant

Jing Xun Quek
Frank Edwards
Jon DeFato

Chat Buddy

Justin Blum

Challenger Tier

Madalynn Carol Rucker

Diamond Tier

Orestis Papaioannou
Jeaunita Olówè
Fran Bailey
Rachel Cohn
Eric Cawi
Jeremy Silver
Marc Hoffman
Jacquelynn Hawthorne
Donovan McNiff

Platinum Tier

Robert Lewis
Alex Emerman
Vicki Coleman
Charlotta Kratz
Su Liu
Cody Krueger
William Mitchell
Christian Baker
Toni Strikes Back
Vincent Paterson
Ryan J Hedrick

Gold Tier

Jason Leonard
Tomas Rosenthal

Silver Tier

Robert Lipsey
Loretta Madison
Emily Corso
Karen Ventimilia

Bronze Tier

Elena Fernandez-Collins
Hugh Owens
Shari Lauter
Blair Frank

Unranked Tier

Kyle Lu
David Sugarman
Kathleen Conahan

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