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In Support of Online Dating

June 29, 2015

He covers his mouth apologetically, frowning and making a show of chewing the food in his mouth slowly. He glances to his right for approval and meets urgent eye contact; she stares expectantly at him. The question hangs weightless on the air, shattering the conversation into pregnant silence. So, how did you two meet? The… Read More ›

Unapologetically Black – Kanye West as Philosopher, Prophet, and God of Self-Love

Kanye West “ain’t even supposed to be here”, and he knows it, even if it was Jay-Z who said it. Like most successful black Americans, his story begins in adversity. One of his early hits, “Through The Wire”, was recorded through his recently shattered jaw — still wired shut — just two weeks after the responsible car crash. It… Read More ›

New Year’s Resolutions – 2015 Edition

2014 was a tumultuous year for me, with some of my lowest lows and most stressful workloads, but also my greatest achievements. Going into 2015, the most important lesson I can learn is not to put too much on my plate, and to choose a handful things to excel at, rather than try and do… Read More ›

Someone Like Me

It’s 1996. I am standing before a massive Dwarven gate covered in intricate runes. I am weary from my travels and unsure of my purpose. I fear the world in which I journey, for I am oh-so-small and the world is oh-so-large. If I cannot pass through this gate where my supposed allies wait, how… Read More ›

Shake it Off: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Solo Queue

I have one secret to climbing the ladder. Listen to this video. Now that we’ve gotten rid of all of the people too cool to listen to Taylor Swift, what do I mean by that?

#GamerGate: The #NotAllMen of Gaming

Between the Zoe Quinn scandal, death threats on Anita Sarkeesian, and the ensuing #GamerGate scandal, it’s been a dramatic week for the gaming community. Watching all the tweets on #GamerGate and #NotYourShield has shown me that people honestly don’t seem to realize that there is a massive difference between indiscriminate, personal, and systemic harassment. #GamerGate… Read More ›

Game Developers Say: Stop the Harassment

View the open letter here, and share it with your friends and fellow gamers!

Ice Bath Challenge

Welp, I did it, with a slight twist on the format! I wanted to give some context on my decisions regarding the Ice Bucket Challenge, so here’s a post about it

Ladder Climbing Tips

I’ve been pretty busy and I haven’t done an improvement/non e-sports article in awhile; here are some tips I wrote for Reddit about how to improve at solo queue and climb the ladder!

Wise Words from Hai and Balls

“Well, when you’re in a game, you never hindsight something. So like, if somebody does a stupid dive, you do not call that guy out. You don’t say anything bad. You make a bad play, whatever, just move on from it. That’s the past. So, when that happened, we were just like, alright, whatever. Moving… Read More ›