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How to Resurrect Tank Junglers

March 9, 2015

#1 – Tanks vs Bruisers In Season 2, there was a healthy conflict between tanks and bruisers: tanks had inevitable scaling into teamfights regardless of gold levels, while bruisers could secure gank, farm, and objective advantages in the early-mid game. At the risk of diving overly into what differentiates a tank from a bruiser, I… Read More ›

Don’t sensationalize like Gamasutra, freelancer says

To hear Teut Weidemann, the consultant featured in this recent article by Leigh Alexander on Gamasutra, Riot Games is a dynastic game with a stagnant and inefficient model that only works thanks to the size of their game, League of Legends. This conclusion ignores the history, goals, and success of the company, while simultaneously relying… Read More ›

The Death of Tank Junglers and How to Fix It

Ever since the buffs to Elder Lizard, we’ve seen almost exclusively carry-style junglers with strong early-game dueling potential, especially those who can gank even across wards. The junglers that have dominated are Evelynn, Elise, Lee Sin, and Kha’Zix. Today, I’ll take a look at why that is, and what changes could be made to those… Read More ›

The Dominance of 2v1 Lanes

I hear a lot of people talk about how much they hate 2v1 lanes, then propose their solution to 2v1 lanes. Those solutions rarely address the actual issues, so I thought that I’d do a post explaining just why it is that the 2v1 lane is so strong.

Gender Representation in League of Legends

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to just pick a topic and riff off of it, but now that I’ve got almost 10 days until the next LCS game, I’ve decided to hit on a few topics I’ve had on the backburner. The first is the different representation of male and female champions… Read More ›

Interconnected Balance: Lich Bane Nerfs and Champion Buffs

Balance is a unique creature, with many delicate interactions. Players like to think it’s easy to buff or nerf a champion or an item, but often it sends ripple effects throughout the game! For example, Imagine a hypothetical First Person Shooter. In this game, you show up on an enemy player’s radar if you are:… Read More ›

Design Choices in League of Legends – Interesting Design

First, I want to talk about what makes a champion design interesting, from the perspective of both spectators and players.

Design Choices in League of Legends – Champion Classes

What differentiates champion kits? This week, I’ll be diving into issues of champion design by dividing characters into classes. Previously, I clarified the differences between tanks, bruisers, and assassins, but there is so much more to do!

Skarner Rework: Another Chance

I’ve been staring at LCS data for far too long to want to write about it, so instead, I’m going to talk on a few topics that interest me. First, I’ve been playing Skarner more, and wanted to give an updated opinion on the rework.

Skarner: First Impressions

I haven’t gotten to play him much: I played one ranked game on my main, and a number of games on a low-level smurf. However, I have a few more thoughts since playing him.