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The Young and The Radical – The Awakening of a New Black America

August 25, 2016 • Blog, Featured, Race

I’ve been black my whole life. It’s funny how the math of race works: a black woman meets a white man and makes a black child.  I’ve always known that, but at the same time, it’s a new discovery. And having discovered it, I am afraid. America has never played by the rules when it… Read More ›

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A New Year’s Resolution for a Political Revolution


View story at In 2017, we won victories *against* Trump. In 2018, it’s time we start winning victories *for* something.   So here’s a 2018 New Year’s Resolution we should all get behind. Get engaged, get informed, and get involved, even if it’s on just one issue. Become an evangelist on that issue. Have… Read More ›

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In Support of Online Dating


He covers his mouth apologetically, frowning and making a show of chewing the food in his mouth slowly. He glances to his right for approval and meets urgent eye contact; she stares expectantly at him. The question hangs weightless on the air, shattering the conversation into pregnant silence. So, how did you two meet? The… Read More ›

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#GamerGate: The #NotAllMen of Gaming


Between the Zoe Quinn scandal, death threats on Anita Sarkeesian, and the ensuing #GamerGate scandal, it’s been a dramatic week for the gaming community. Watching all the tweets on #GamerGate and #NotYourShield has shown me that people honestly don’t seem to realize that there is a massive difference between indiscriminate, personal, and systemic harassment. #GamerGate… Read More ›

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Gender Representation in League of Legends


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to just pick a topic and riff off of it, but now that I’ve got almost 10 days until the next LCS game, I’ve decided to hit on a few topics I’ve had on the backburner. The first is the different representation of male and female champions… Read More ›

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How to Resurrect Tank Junglers


#1 – Tanks vs Bruisers In Season 2, there was a healthy conflict between tanks and bruisers: tanks had inevitable scaling into teamfights regardless of gold levels, while bruisers could secure gank, farm, and objective advantages in the early-mid game. At the risk of diving overly into what differentiates a tank from a bruiser, I… Read More ›

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2014 World Championship Meta: Top Lane


Top lane has one of the most regimented metas, with a power 3 almost always being clearly identified, and with those 3 almost always filling similar roles or forming a triangle of counters. Season 3 Worlds: Renekton / Jax / Shen Early Spring Season 4: tanks – Renekton / Shyvana / Dr. Mundo (with Trundle… Read More ›