Don’t sensationalize like Gamasutra, freelancer says

To hear Teut Weidemann, the consultant featured in this recent article by Leigh Alexander on Gamasutra, Riot Games is a dynastic game with a stagnant and inefficient model that only works thanks to the size of their game, League of Legends. This conclusion ignores the history, goals, and success of the company, while simultaneously relying on weak data, shoddy analysis, and short-sighted rubrics, making me wonder if either the author or the consultant played the game past level 10.

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Breaking the Meta – Mid Lane Sejuani

Remember the first time you saw Annie support?

At the Season 3 World Championships, Tabe brought the much maligned mage to center stage, and Tibbers ignited the imagination of support players everywhere.

Sometimes, a team or player throws a curveball that makes everybody sit back and say “woah”. And when the stars align, these picks change the game forever.

These innovations take time to catch on. We’d like to speed up the process.

In Breaking the Meta, we will introduce you to a champion long forgotten or in the shadows, and show you why it works (or fails) in a new role, and how to play it.