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The Subtle Racism of “Post-Racial” Activism

December 4, 2014 • Blog, Featured, Race

My bus is all but parked, its frame quivering and growling as the engine idles. I look up from my book at the packed seats around me: an array of glowing white faces in the dark of night. Two white faces talk across the aisle a few rows in front of me, one pale to… Read More ›

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Ferguson Prosecutor Admits Grand Jury Witnesses Lied – The Myth of “Hearing Both Sides”

(0) Bob McCulloch

It seems more and more common that I read a news story that confirms all of my fears about the world. When it comes to the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the surrounding uproar about the devaluing of black lives, I have long since lost my ability to be surprised, and all that… Read More ›

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Someone Like Me

(1) sazh

It’s 1996. I am standing before a massive gate, of Dwarven make and covered in intricate runes. I am weary from my travels, unsure of my purpose. I fear the world in which I journey, for I am oh-so-small and the world is oh-so-large. If I cannot pass through this gate where my supposed allies… Read More ›

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Gender Representation in League of Legends

(33) Pose-Header

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to just pick a topic and riff off of it, but now that I’ve got almost 10 days until the next LCS game, I’ve decided to hit on a few topics I’ve had on the backburner. The first is the different representation of male and female champions… Read More ›

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Don’t sensationalize like Gamasutra, freelancer says


To hear Teut Weidemann, the consultant featured in this recent article by Leigh Alexander on Gamasutra, Riot Games is a dynastic game with a stagnant and inefficient model that only works thanks to the size of their game, League of Legends. This conclusion ignores the history, goals, and success of the company, while simultaneously relying… Read More ›

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2014 World Championship Meta: Top Lane

(1) IreliaAatrox

Top lane has one of the most regimented metas, with a power 3 almost always being clearly identified, and with those 3 almost always filling similar roles or forming a triangle of counters. Season 3 Worlds: Renekton / Jax / Shen Early Spring Season 4: tanks – Renekton / Shyvana / Dr. Mundo (with Trundle… Read More ›


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